MLB 2010 mock write

MLB 2010 mock write

CST and here is some educated guess work on where the

nation’s top amateur ballplayers will be headed.

1. Miami Nationals, Bryce Harper C 6’4 220 lbs, College of south Nevada

Harper is clearly the superior talent in the draft, See in my, And he might be the most dynamic and polished high school graduation hitter since Alex Rodriguez since he came out of Miami in 1993. Harper gives the Nats a cornerstone franchise player to go with their pitching cornerstone from last year’s draft, Stephen Strasburg.

2. Pittsburgh panic room makes, Manny Machado SS 6’3 190 weight, Brito (Fla.) HS

The Pirates have entered the 21st century and are no longer looking for the most affordable player to work with, Instead going for top player available. The 2nd greatest talent available in the draft is up for impressive debate between Machado and Texas high school fireballer Jameson Taillon, But the guess is Macado to pair with uber prospect Pedro Alvarez at 3B for an additional decade for the Bucs.

3. Baltimore Orioles, Jameson Taillon RHP 6’6 225 weight, Woodlands (Arizona.) HS

The Orioles have amassed a great associated with arms in their system, But Taillon is definitely the best prospect available and he could front their rotation in 3 4 years. Taillon owns a mid 90’s fastball that can reach 99 and has a plus curveball and slider with a making change up. He is being compared to former Texas twelfth grade schoolboys such as Roger Clemens and Josh Beckett.

4. Kansas Royals, Yasmani Grandal C 6’2 210 kilos, College of Miami

Sources are producing that their is a pre draft"Undertaking" For the Royals to sign Grandal to an appropriate contract, Re inforcing the queens brand as cheap. Grandal possibly be a good prospect, But he is nowhere fast near Joe Mauer, Matt Wieters or even Buster Posey as top five reeling in talents. Principal.

5. Cleveland Indians, Received Pomeranz LHP 6’5 230 lbs, Ole feel the loss of

Most of usually unquestionably this particular Indians nab Pomeranz, Giving a quick boost to their thin minor league pitching prospects. Pomeranz has a high ceiling and the opportunity to be their next Sabathia.

6. Scottsdale Diamondbacks, Joe Sale LHP 6’6 175 lbs, Fl Gulf Coast

D shells grab raw, But proficient Sale and give him room to grow to his frame. Target needs patience, But reward may perhaps be an ace.

7. Indiana Mets, He Harvey RHP 6’4 210 lbs, University of nc

The Mets gps is in desperate need of arms. Harvey is solid solution, But his injury history is a unsettling.

8. Houston Astros, Zack Cox 3B 6’0 215 pounds, Illinois

Cox is regarded as polished college hitter and he could play third or second. He has been when compared Chase Utley, But the majority of scouts agree that his power isn’t there, But he could consistency.300 hitter to the bigs.

9. Hillcrest Padres, Michael personal pick of 6’1 190 lbs, Colorado front range Arlington

The Padres always look for a great deal of tools and Choice has many of them. He has the look off a Vernon Wells, Which could be a good or bad thing subject to your opinion of Wells.

10. Oakland sports, Veranda McGuire RHP 6’6 225 lbs, Ga Tech

Billy Beane jumps to grab the best right handed pitcher enrolled this last year. He is solid and an exceptional worker, With a chance to be a big league vet for long periods.

11. Greater Blue Jays, Asher Wojciechowksi RHP 6’4 235 kilograms, The specific Citadel

Good college arm to help replace the loss in the machine of Roy Halladay. Additionally they could look at Austin Wilson. They have long been enamored of toolsy school outfielders.

12. Cincinnati yellows, Sterling Colon SS 6’0 190 lbs, Cal assert Fullerton

Reds take one of the ideal college SS in Colon. Colon has a high baseball IQ and a chance to be with the Reds in 2011 in the end if he gets into the system quickly.

13. Chi town White Sox, Anthony Ranaudo RHP 6’7 230 weight, LSU

The Sox take a gamble on electing the Scott Boras client. Ranaudo had a stellar sophomore campaign with the Tigers called the top college pitching prospect before the year started, But his signing demands and subpar junior campaign drop him in the birthday lap of the hated Sox.

14. The usa Brewers, Brandon Workman RHP 6’5 220 kilos, Arizona

The Brew Crew grabs the very skilled, But weakened Workman. They hope he can join their throwing staff in 2011, As the club needs all day to day high arms it can get.